Crochet hats!

This is the 2nd hat I have made! Ella is very pleased with it. I did not use a pattern and just kinda spiraled a half double stitch, increasing and decreasing as I felt necessary.

Bloggy Hello

Well after first starting this blog in ooooh 2009, I have done absolutely nothing with it! But I am glad I started it up as now I think I may have a need for it, I am developing a line of rubber/digital stamps. The first range will be "Aussie Crafted Critters" and I have basically done the digital images! Now I need to do the hard part, an e-shop front and find a manufacturer of rubber stamps.
Hopefully this will be all stations go sooner rather than later.
Other little crafty developments are in the pipeline and are as yet still under wraps.
I have been made secretary of the U.W.A ( Urban Women's Association ) and will be hopefully quite active within that group, building myself a little social network.
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