Added calendar page

Hey all, just to let you know I have added a Stampin' Up calendar page. To let you all know when classes parties and events are happening.

My kit Arrived

Wow it arrived this morning, I have unpacked and assembled and touched all of it's stampy goodness! I have even taken a picture to get your creative cogs whirring. Tomorrow I am on making up samples overdrive!

Stampin Up - Brissy Craft Convention - and Stuff

Ok so it is about time that I got around to telling you all about the convention happenings! It was great.....really really manic, mad, busy on the Saturday, which was the day that my BFF Wendy and I had only the one class in the morning, and the rest of the day for shopping. The class was Postcards of Paris with Jane Tregenza. A class best described as a collage made up of squares and rectangles dividable by 1.5" hmm I will have to post some pics. It was a great class and easy to follow what was going on and could be very very addictive. The shopping was crazy and I spent way to much money, but have since had a reasonable tax return, so it all balanced out.
During the Saturday shopping frenzy I managed to sign myself up as a Stampin Up demonstrator, a bit like crafty Tupperware! I had been thinking about it for a while and thought it would be a good 'in' to teaching and running classes and workshops I would ideally like to have a bit of a team of 'down-lines' so It would be like teaching the teachers, also running crafty workshops from home. I am taking over the office. I think it can be as much as I want it to be!
On the Sunday we had a full on classes day with 2 in the morning, which were bad and I am not going to mention them much more as I am in the process of complaining to the organisers Expertise events, and 1 in the afternoon with Rachel Grieg from Darkroom Door it was a Steam-punk ATC and card class. It was really really good. Rachel is lovely, informative, helpful and knowledgeable about the products and techniques used. Her class was well laid out and well organised I learned alot about teaching a class both from Rachel and Jane. 
I have been on the dreaded eBay this weekend buying up stuff to make goodies to sell in an Etsy store, which myself and Barbara are discussing/setting up at the moment. More details on this to follow. I promise you some more bloggy goodness during the week and will try to add in some eye candy.  

Journally goodness


No classes this week

I had been a little concerned at the start of the week as I was not booked into any classes at my local scrapbook store (LSS). My usual Thursday night class spot was a card class that was not really my style and was also booked up!!!
But problem solved by my friend Barbara, I went over to her place and with new enthusiasm I continued a partly completed off the page project I had been working on, but abandoned. I made a good amount of progress in great company, although I keep saying I am never doing another off the page project, I keep finding new ones.
Hopefully I will finish it up soon and be able to post some pics.

Starting to Get excited about......

Going to the Scrapbook and Papercraft convention! http://www.scrapbookexpo.com.au/ It is on from 11th to 13th of June and i am going to 4 classes over 2 days. 

Patchwork pieces from Paris with Jane Tregenza
House Coaster album with Sarah Moore
Shadow Box with Sarah Moore
Steampunk Chic cards and ATC's with Rachel Grieg

I am going with Wendy a new and wonderful friend I have made through card making classes at my local store http://www.stampandscrapbookmadness.com.au/

Look out for updates on this exciting event. I am starting to compile a shopping list of things to buy at the show. 
Ranger Perfect Pearls
Tim Holtz distress ink
Kooky novelty buttons..........
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