Me in a Magazine!

Hello Peeps
Well I have been GAGGIN to share this with you all, but until I actually saw it in the flesh I did not quite believe it!
I have been published! I had been commissioned to do some work for Australian Scrapbook Ideas way back in May. It was about a form of scrap booking which is sort of harking back to how scrap booking used to be, for example just any old book, a collection of photos and all the tickets programmes etc, with not so much importance placed on producing artwork - more about keeping memories. It is why I really like the project life idea!

 So here it is Australian Scrapbook ideas, issue 16. It was released in September.
I feature on pages 44,45,46, and 47. Yes a four page spread! Bit excited!


Pregnant Pics

Looking serene, not sure how I manage to be able to sit cross legged but unable to walk
My Big Beautiful - stretched Belly
My lovely friend Barbara came and took some late stage bump shots for me! these are my faves. I am 37 weeks Pregnant this week.

It took me a while!

Well talk about frustration, because I had bought the domain name using blogger and Godaddy. Once it expired they tried to auto charge my credit card DUH! there is never any money on there! So once expired to recover and re-new costs around $300 - so not happening! It has taken me this long to work out how to remove the custom domain name from the site to enable you all to start visiting me again!
But now I am here back up and running and making do with the free service for now.
I have not been up to too much crafty goodness lately, with being pregnant/disabled and all! but what I have done I will get to sharing with you all. Mostly those who love Stampin' Up! should try to check out my other site too as I am going to be putting more effort into that as a business! http://www.stampinup-funkibubl.blogspot.com.au/
Also in checking the link I got a security warning in case I had stolen my identity, rest assured this is still me!!!
SO keep your eyes peeled for crafty goodness coming your way 
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