Ouch a whole month since the last post!!! not good enough, how am I to become a craft guru if I keep being so slack. Enough self punishment I have been bust in the craft room and promise to load up some goodies for you in the next few days so keep your peepers open!! For the moment have a look at this month's Stampin' Up promotion!


Kraft comp

The Kraft Journal

Check out the online comp from these guys!

Friday Fun

This week I have been busy preparing lots of samples to showcase the new goodies available from the new Stampin' UP! catalogue. I have been mixing it up and trying out lots of different and unusual colour combinations, to assist me with this I have been making use of the Stampin' UP! Color Coach.

I have discovered that this is a fantastic way to try out different schemes that you would never have considered before, even if you do not have the exact cardstock. For instance Calypso coral is quite close in colour to Tangerine Tango so I checked out the options suggested for Tangerine Tango and gave it a go. I have also found it is a good way to boost your creative mojo! also as an added benefit it enables you to see all of the Stampin' UP! colours and compare and contrast so you can find just what your heart desires!
So here's a peek at some of my crazy colour combos!


Mega Fantastic Offer!!!

Maryanne's demo/party

This card was designed whilst at a demonstration at Maryanne's house. It had been floating around in my head for a while and as usual I was gleefully unprepared for the party! So I decided to design, arrange, demo it all completely on the fly! The ladies were fabulous and all felt comfortable adapting the colour-way/stamps to suit their tastes. The array of cards they made were really good. It was a fanastic party.
Sorry guys I know I have been very slack! But I am busy busy busy! Barbara has had me chained to her computer desk, repairing her computer aka constructing the super computer so that Dion can take over the world......or some such thing. Said computer is not playing the game and things have not been straightforward.
Craft has kinda taken a backseat and I miss it! I was hoping to have exciting news regarding my classes/workshops but I have possibly got to postpone the news as I may have to return to work, as I am now deemed fit! I find out more this week.
So during the coming week I promise to update you all on all my happenings and provide you with some crafty eye candy! This post is duplicated on my stampin up blog......due to laziness.

Tidied up the craft studio

This week I have had a rearrange in my studio, with the intention of holding my small home classes in there. It is still a mess but is going well. I think I will be able to hold small classes of four people in there, comfortably, six if I pushed it!
It will also be a nicer creative environment to work in, I am gonna put up some frames showcasing the designer series papers, and providing a splash of color.
I will post some piccy's to keep you up to date. P.s check out my stampin up blog and sign up to receive newsletters. Once I have these up and running I am gonna be providing some cool offers via newsletter!

Stampin' Up Retiring products list is available

This could be your last chance to purchase your favourite set! Click on the link, download the pdf and check out what is being retired.
If you need to order anything just get in contact with me. 

Finished Natalie's Card

Fussy cutting done! Card complete. That Natalie is a talented one, very happy.

The Adelaide Trip

I have already posted a picture of my altered art piece designed by Jane Tregenza. But let me tell you about the rest of the trip.
Myself and Barbara arrived in Adelaide at about 9 in the morning on the Friday. Jane very Kindly collected us from the Airport and after a discussion we were dropped into town to have a look around. We browsed the Rundle Mall and posed with the pigs! Then caught the bus up Goodwood Road to Jane's store Seriously Scrapbooking. Once there we caught up with Jane who was busy finishing off the kits for Saturday's all day scrap. We stayed in store for the rest of the day, Jane gave us a tour of behind the scenes and where the production of the Imaginarium Designs takes place. We stayed through till the evenings scrap/crop held by Natalie all of the staff at the store were fantastically kind and kept us topped up with coffee (Thanks Cathy)! By the evening Barbara and I were so tired, hysteria had started to brew and we were giggly and probably a little strange......We could almost see through time!!!
After a bit of a sleep at Jane's house we were collected by Nat (we were still in our jim jams when she arrived!) and taken to the all day scrap. The classes that followed were a Beautiful Easel card by Nat, a stunning and quite girly layout by Steph, another Layout by Heather, and then the altered art piece by Jane. These awesome classes were taught to 85 of us!! The largest class/crop craft event I have ever been too. The food served inbetween the classes was worth going for alone, morning tea was more deserving of the tiltle high tea as it involed many tarts, slices, slices, brand snaps and petit fours. Lunch was equally delish Jane's Pumpkin soup and sausage rolls were the highlight with sandwiches, samosa's and quiches also. Everybody got a gift and a door prize, I was really pleased with mine a K&Co mini album kit.... which may have to be completed at some stage!
After that full on day, we got back to Jane's house to be introduced to Josh's new carpet pythons! The female is 7 ft long and a bit grumpy but very pretty. The vivarium was outside the room Barbara was staying in so many jokes were made about them eating her in the night! The rest of the evening was spent chatting till we realised we had to be at the airport for 8am, so bed and packing called.
Next day we were taken to the airport by Jane's hubby (thanks Malcom). Surprisingly after all of our purchases our baggage was ok. We scrapped the whole way home on the plane, even though space was a little tight and Barbara managed to empty the contents of her bag into the footspace of the row behind! Alpha stickers everywhere! I think the lady was quite bemused by it.
Hopefully we will be invited back for next year, I would love to make it a yearly jolly!

All day scrap with the team from Seriously Scrapbooking

Mini case, photo diorama, off the page project...designed by Jane is totally awesome. I am so happy with it.

Radical.....Brave......Stupid.......all of these

I have decided that operation muffin top must begin again in earnest, starting Monday! "Why the wait?" I hear you say, well I have to get Operation Tregenza out of the way first. Barbara and I jet off to foreign climates (Adelaide) Friday morning very early......did you know there is 5o'clock in the morning now! SNORT what will they think of next!

Anyway I will try and post some pictures whilst I am away, and certainly once I get back.

Once I return I will be getting into the swing of things get some classes up and running, recommence operation muffin top, organizing my house (read craft room), putting lots of items up for sale on Etsy etc

So Look forward to hearing from me soon!

Goodies have arrived

All those ladies that attended my first Stampin Up party last Sunday prepare to get excited!!!!


I will deliver them to Barbara this evening and she will distribute accordingly. 
Thank you for your business, Hope you had fun, look forward to seeing you all again soon

First Stampin' Up party

My first Stampin' Up party was a huge success. Everyone who attended had fun (I think), I certainly did even though it felt a bit like chaos at times. Met some lovely ladies who I had not met before! 
Those who decided to order now have some lovely products on the way! 

Barbara will get a fantastic haul, a hostess set and over $100 of freebies!
It was an amazing start to my new business!

Too strange not to blog about!

So I went over to TS14+ at Paddington to buy some very needed clothes, it was nearing closing time and I had found a few things to buy. The sales lady was on her own in the shop and asked if we could pay with cash as her eftpos had died! Well I was not going to be able to, so was faced with the option of returning tomorrow morning to pay and collect my purchases. The other shopper in the store also needed to pay with eftpos. The sales lady then phoned every other manager she could think of and was trying to get it working, somehow I got involved during this whole strange debacle. At this point I was then on the phone to one of the other managers trying to establish how to disconnect the eftpos terminal. We decided to "power cycle" the whole system (turn it off and on again). Which was ok but then the NAB terminal wanted a sign on, so we phoned NAB and they talked me through how to get the terminal to sign on! So after I had fixed their computer issues I made my purchases and came home!

Busy weekend

Today I am off to a "Christmas in July" at my Local scrapbook store. I know we are gonna start making some Christmas cards but don't know what else is happening as it is a 5 hour class.
Tomorrow I am running my first Stampin'Up make and take/demo/party. I am prepared but a little nervous. The make and take features the baroque motifs stamp set, and uses the owl punch. I will post up some piccy's soon

First Item added to Etsy!!

Ok... it is a little bit of a cop out because it is a card kit that I made up that was already designed, die cut etc. All I had to do was put it all together and add glue! But I really didn't know what to do with it and it seemed like such a waste.
I have also added another widget to the sidebar to display mine and Barbara's items for sale in our Etsy Store. The Widget lives to the left of this post and down the page some. Go on have a look! Our Store is called BublTree and is a conglomeration of Funkibubl and Barbara's love of Tree Frogs.
Keep your eyes peeled cos there are lots of goodies to come............

Stampin Up JULY Promo

Woo Hoo..... make a purchase of $100 and receive a roll of cute white with flowers grosgrain ribbon and 48 cute flower shaped buttons in matching colours (worth $32). if you are interested in booking a demo, attending a workshop or just placing an order.

Guess What turned up in the post

Yep, are they not adorable!!!! CHEESE BUTTONS. I will be using these to adorn my still not quite completed Cheese Journal.

New Blog design, and Domain Name!

I have been trying to purchase the domain name to my blog and everytime it seems to process but then nothing happens! It does not redirect servers cannot be found etc.....GRRR

I have changed my theme though I am going to use this one for a while and see how it works for me! any thoughts let me know!

Sample cards made from my kit!


Added calendar page

Hey all, just to let you know I have added a Stampin' Up calendar page. To let you all know when classes parties and events are happening.

My kit Arrived

Wow it arrived this morning, I have unpacked and assembled and touched all of it's stampy goodness! I have even taken a picture to get your creative cogs whirring. Tomorrow I am on making up samples overdrive!

Stampin Up - Brissy Craft Convention - and Stuff

Ok so it is about time that I got around to telling you all about the convention happenings! It was great.....really really manic, mad, busy on the Saturday, which was the day that my BFF Wendy and I had only the one class in the morning, and the rest of the day for shopping. The class was Postcards of Paris with Jane Tregenza. A class best described as a collage made up of squares and rectangles dividable by 1.5" hmm I will have to post some pics. It was a great class and easy to follow what was going on and could be very very addictive. The shopping was crazy and I spent way to much money, but have since had a reasonable tax return, so it all balanced out.
During the Saturday shopping frenzy I managed to sign myself up as a Stampin Up demonstrator, a bit like crafty Tupperware! I had been thinking about it for a while and thought it would be a good 'in' to teaching and running classes and workshops I would ideally like to have a bit of a team of 'down-lines' so It would be like teaching the teachers, also running crafty workshops from home. I am taking over the office. I think it can be as much as I want it to be!
On the Sunday we had a full on classes day with 2 in the morning, which were bad and I am not going to mention them much more as I am in the process of complaining to the organisers Expertise events, and 1 in the afternoon with Rachel Grieg from Darkroom Door it was a Steam-punk ATC and card class. It was really really good. Rachel is lovely, informative, helpful and knowledgeable about the products and techniques used. Her class was well laid out and well organised I learned alot about teaching a class both from Rachel and Jane. 
I have been on the dreaded eBay this weekend buying up stuff to make goodies to sell in an Etsy store, which myself and Barbara are discussing/setting up at the moment. More details on this to follow. I promise you some more bloggy goodness during the week and will try to add in some eye candy.  

Journally goodness


No classes this week

I had been a little concerned at the start of the week as I was not booked into any classes at my local scrapbook store (LSS). My usual Thursday night class spot was a card class that was not really my style and was also booked up!!!
But problem solved by my friend Barbara, I went over to her place and with new enthusiasm I continued a partly completed off the page project I had been working on, but abandoned. I made a good amount of progress in great company, although I keep saying I am never doing another off the page project, I keep finding new ones.
Hopefully I will finish it up soon and be able to post some pics.

Starting to Get excited about......

Going to the Scrapbook and Papercraft convention! http://www.scrapbookexpo.com.au/ It is on from 11th to 13th of June and i am going to 4 classes over 2 days. 

Patchwork pieces from Paris with Jane Tregenza
House Coaster album with Sarah Moore
Shadow Box with Sarah Moore
Steampunk Chic cards and ATC's with Rachel Grieg

I am going with Wendy a new and wonderful friend I have made through card making classes at my local store http://www.stampandscrapbookmadness.com.au/

Look out for updates on this exciting event. I am starting to compile a shopping list of things to buy at the show. 
Ranger Perfect Pearls
Tim Holtz distress ink
Kooky novelty buttons..........

Crochet hats!

This is the 2nd hat I have made! Ella is very pleased with it. I did not use a pattern and just kinda spiraled a half double stitch, increasing and decreasing as I felt necessary.

Bloggy Hello

Well after first starting this blog in ooooh 2009, I have done absolutely nothing with it! But I am glad I started it up as now I think I may have a need for it, I am developing a line of rubber/digital stamps. The first range will be "Aussie Crafted Critters" and I have basically done the digital images! Now I need to do the hard part, an e-shop front and find a manufacturer of rubber stamps.
Hopefully this will be all stations go sooner rather than later.
Other little crafty developments are in the pipeline and are as yet still under wraps.
I have been made secretary of the U.W.A ( Urban Women's Association ) and will be hopefully quite active within that group, building myself a little social network.
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