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I am still experimenting with the Blog experience and am busy checking out WP you can see my blog there https://funkibubl.wordpress.com

New Year - New Resolutions - New Plans

New Year, time for heaps of Resolutions and promises etc etc NOPE!! 
This year I have not made a single resolution. I have instead embarked upon the journey that is One Little Word. This year my word for the year is SHINE, it takes work to shine and there are going to be a lot of changes going on in my life. 
My work life revolves around the internet a lot these days and although I still work in a physical bricks and mortar shop - retail has changed. Facebook is a requirement, my days involve lots of social media. My life seems to involve lots of social media.
I find I repeat myself from Facebook account to Facebook account to instagram etc etc, but with all this going on I have totally ignored the one place I can write down all my thoughts and news and going on's - my BLOG. I have forgotten this is the ideal place to showcase my work, share the courses and classes I am doing (teaching and participating in ) - let you be a part of "A Funkibubl Life"
So whilst contemplating ways to bring "SHINE" to my life, I have started to make some huge changes. You will see under the header all my pages, I am currently participating in Ali Edwards OLW, and Story Kit/Stamps (a sort of class), my Project life pages :), 12WBT - 12week body transformation course, my Genealogy project, and my Family page. These pages are not final and will probably get tweaked and changed as I go. 
I don't know how often I will blog - but if this is going to be my "hub" possibly daily but no promises - that would be too resolution like. I the next few days I will try to fill up the pages with lots of goodies to keep you interested. 
It will be good having you along for the ride :)

This week in Review....

well not quite, but it has been a super busy week for me! I have been writing and preparing (and learning) how to do the Papertrenz newsletter. 
I have designed and prepared 2 classes and taught another. I prepared the Icosahedron model for the UWA ladies to attempt tonight. 
Oh and it was Simon's Birthday, so special birthday brekkie and friends over for dinner, for special birthday dinner! PHEW all with the normal grind of baby wrangling, and trying to keep the house from escaping (failing in the last - there is always next week, RIGHT!?) Life is great, here are some of my projects I accomplished.


Slack or Sporadic hmmm

Hello Funkibods!
I have not been too good at keeping this blog up to date, but hang in there peeps! Molly is going well she is 8mths old, and I am sticking my toes back into the creative waters. Although not ready to run off back to work per se just yet! I have been designing a couple of kits and organising and running a few classes for Papertrenz, which has been awesome! I have also been active on the UWA front trying to get it up running and functional. All of which is do-able from home with a couple of exceptions. So hopefully stay tuned for lots of eye candy and posts. Here is the double layout I will be teaching in a couple of weeks


Urban Womens Association ...... IS BACK

Check out the Urban Womens Association Blog Here

Me in a Magazine!

Hello Peeps
Well I have been GAGGIN to share this with you all, but until I actually saw it in the flesh I did not quite believe it!
I have been published! I had been commissioned to do some work for Australian Scrapbook Ideas way back in May. It was about a form of scrap booking which is sort of harking back to how scrap booking used to be, for example just any old book, a collection of photos and all the tickets programmes etc, with not so much importance placed on producing artwork - more about keeping memories. It is why I really like the project life idea!

 So here it is Australian Scrapbook ideas, issue 16. It was released in September.
I feature on pages 44,45,46, and 47. Yes a four page spread! Bit excited!


Pregnant Pics

Looking serene, not sure how I manage to be able to sit cross legged but unable to walk
My Big Beautiful - stretched Belly
My lovely friend Barbara came and took some late stage bump shots for me! these are my faves. I am 37 weeks Pregnant this week.
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