Too strange not to blog about!

So I went over to TS14+ at Paddington to buy some very needed clothes, it was nearing closing time and I had found a few things to buy. The sales lady was on her own in the shop and asked if we could pay with cash as her eftpos had died! Well I was not going to be able to, so was faced with the option of returning tomorrow morning to pay and collect my purchases. The other shopper in the store also needed to pay with eftpos. The sales lady then phoned every other manager she could think of and was trying to get it working, somehow I got involved during this whole strange debacle. At this point I was then on the phone to one of the other managers trying to establish how to disconnect the eftpos terminal. We decided to "power cycle" the whole system (turn it off and on again). Which was ok but then the NAB terminal wanted a sign on, so we phoned NAB and they talked me through how to get the terminal to sign on! So after I had fixed their computer issues I made my purchases and came home!


Barbara said...

This is because you are the grand high poobah of all things computer-y! All hail the Goddess of the digital age ;) I hope they gave you a discount!

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