Sorry guys I know I have been very slack! But I am busy busy busy! Barbara has had me chained to her computer desk, repairing her computer aka constructing the super computer so that Dion can take over the world......or some such thing. Said computer is not playing the game and things have not been straightforward.
Craft has kinda taken a backseat and I miss it! I was hoping to have exciting news regarding my classes/workshops but I have possibly got to postpone the news as I may have to return to work, as I am now deemed fit! I find out more this week.
So during the coming week I promise to update you all on all my happenings and provide you with some crafty eye candy! This post is duplicated on my stampin up blog......due to laziness.


Barbara said...

AHA but at least now I can stalk you from the above mentioned super computer!

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