T!m Holtz - technique overload

Today I have been to an all day class with ....... T!m Holtz........ The man himself!!!! and all I can say is WOW WOW WOW
he really is an awesome instructor and very, very amusing and I learned heaps, ok so I already knew alot about ranger/distress products and what you could achieve with them but now I have a more in depth knowledge base, and can better teach using them and advise on tips and tricks and the whys and whynots!
More than that though, I got to meet the man!!! and get my "me n Tim" photo,  and autograph.


The title screen

Me n T!m (how pregnant am I looking!! well about 18wks actually!)

Poor man completely exasperated!

All the kit goodies!

My tinted photo, tag

Must include Mario!!


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