Slack or Sporadic hmmm

Hello Funkibods!
I have not been too good at keeping this blog up to date, but hang in there peeps! Molly is going well she is 8mths old, and I am sticking my toes back into the creative waters. Although not ready to run off back to work per se just yet! I have been designing a couple of kits and organising and running a few classes for Papertrenz, which has been awesome! I have also been active on the UWA front trying to get it up running and functional. All of which is do-able from home with a couple of exceptions. So hopefully stay tuned for lots of eye candy and posts. Here is the double layout I will be teaching in a couple of weeks


Wendy Duwakin said...


You are seriously talented little woman - your pages are beautiful (even though I'm not a scrapper). Can't wait to catch up soon.


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